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Hello everyone Again (:
Unfortunately, my fanproject for 2pm is becoming rocky.
Very few people so far sent in their messages. x__x

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The deadline to have everything in is April 27th (unless you will be there at Hollywood bowl in person on May 1st)

I am also in need of people that are willing to make some 2PM posters (either on the spot or before hand).  It doesn't have to be fancy or anything just "It's time for 2PM" or something related to them!

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or concerns please send an email to
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Hey guys, I am back with some news!  For all fans that are or are not attending HB!  I am now accepting fan letters sent to my address to form the 2PM Fan Book! 

You can get my mailing address through sending me an e-mail: quach.teresa@yahoo.com

I would like to ask number of people to help out and participate! I gathered some information that says that we can give the gifts to "KOREA TIMES" to, in turn, give them to the idols.  I have not heard any mishaps from them.  What do you guys think?  I am all ears to opinions. (: 


Oh, I also noticed that there is another fan book circling around, but the more love the merrier right?  People can chip in donations if possible because as of right now, I will be buying all the supplies on my own due to some fan friends became not so much fans.  I am not really asking for much actually, I would prefer that you participate! 

What should we put on these fan letters/pictures? 
Anything that shows support! how about a picture of you and some 2PM merchandise!? Or a cute drawn picture? A message to show you love and support all the members regardless of what is to come~ SEND YOUR LOVE! 

Can you translate to Korean?
Alas, I am sorry but I do not know Korean other than a few words. 
Hopefully they have translators~ 

Do you want the letters in a certain size?
It would be best to be index size, about 5x3 inches but up to 6x4 inches!  The pictures, I would also to be slightly small. About 4x4.

Are there any rules for fan letters?
I am sure you don't want your private letters to each member read by me, but I will quickly skim over to see if there is any hate or bashing of 2PM.  If I see any, I will just not put it in there.  Okay? Okay. Love, not hate folks! 

Do I have to mail in the letter?
No, not at all!  I know people can't always send stuff due to parents or you just don't feel comfortable with it. You can always send them through e-mail! I promise I will see it all printed! 

Can I send gifts?
Please refrain from anything big! Think small like key chains, luckycharms and such.  No bears or things like that.

Is there a deadline
As of right now, the end of April.

Are you arranging everything by hand?
Yes! because it shows effort and love! 

Those that are participating, will be able to receive an e-mail almost weekly to see the progress of the album book!
You can get my mailing address through sending me an e-mail: quach.teresa@yahoo.com

Also, I would like to have a certain design on the cover. what about "What time is it now?" and then on the back of the album, "It's 2PM" Well, whatever you guys like. I will go with it.
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EDIT: For those that cannot go or is not attending HB. You can still help out! (: Your can always send your index card to my mailing address and I will be sure to tie it to a balloon (or into the album/scrapbook). Please e-mail me if you have any questions!

My E-mail: quach.teresa@yahoo.com

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Title: How
Pairing: JongKey
Genre: General, Romance, Slice of life?
Rating: PG to PG-13?
Disclaimer: They obviously own each other.
Summary: Kibum can't fully explain his situation in words.
Author's note: Thanks for the comments last post! :3 I will try my best to reply! I am guessing this is a tribute to Valentine's Day, because I tried too hard to think about a concept but alas, terribly failed.  An attempt to be realistic?  It's kinda long~ <3 There is probably some unseen mistakes since it only took a couple of hours worth of thinking. Enjoy!

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The start of an amazing life on Live Journal.
Not too much to say! Let's be friends~
But all I do, mostly, would be fanfiction.

School is boring T__T.
Senioritis kicking in.
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